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VISIONS is Casella Meyer’s first full-size collection, an ambitious synthesis of our past capsules and a product of our continuous experimentation with innovative techniques, fabrics, and forms. In its scope and diversity of pieces, the collection symbolizes the expansion of Casella Meyer’s universe. We were inspired by the constant flux of the cosmos and the mysteries contained within it and wanted to channel that sense of awe and curiosity into each of the pieces.

In everything from the color palette that parallels the gradients of the night sky and the cosmic bursts of supernovas, to the buoyant and ethereal composition of the fabrics, we wanted to capture a singular vision that is also universal.

Each piece in the collection is conceptually and physically multidimensional, combining unexpected elements into couture compositions. We experimented with juxtapositions of form, fabric, and cultural references to arrive at an elegant and playful collection grounded in Casella Meyer’s commitment to craftsmanship and fabric innovation.

By combining complex jacquard weaving and printing techniques with our signature airbrushing, we create a distinct aesthetic that reflects the essence of Casella Meyer’s design practice.

Each limited-edition piece is manufactured in Italy or Switzerland to the highest industry standards.